Cropped Sweater Walks Into a Beach Resort

My girlfriends and me decided to celebrate Holidays this season in a resort. As long as you’re willing to wander outside the actual resort, it’s a great place to find some emerging country style. You might think are we still in our decent minds? What came to our minds that we have decided to celebrate the coldest season in a place meant to cool down bodies during hot season? Well, it is not actually a beach resort, it is just a nice resort with pools, nice accommodations, nice activities and great atmosphere!


So, next hard part packing stuffs, well I wanted to bring my knit wears since it will be very breezy out there but I do not want to look like I just got out of the bed wearing my lazy knits, nor do I want to feel like I came out from my office work wearing stiff knit wears. Of course I wanted to look like I am still in a resort but with an appropriate clothing, so what to wear, what to wear, hmmm. I am finding inspirations from the internet. What do bloggers , stylists, designers or artists wear during their holiday off because honestly wherever they are, they look super stylish in the photos it is like they are still in the shooting mode! I want to look good in our picture! This will be another one of those “unforgettable nights”.

So I visited my favorite App, Resultly and brought me to a cute fashion fusion. Knit wear + cropped silhouette = cropped sweater! I fell in love with it once I saw it, it is not too old style, not too vulgar, it is stylish, it is new, plus it fits the resort feeling! Peeerfeect!!!! Now I just have to choose the perfect color and cut! I would just pair the cropped sweater with shorts and a sandals and I am off with my outfit!

I also plan to buy this from Abercrombie, this would be a savior when I am feeling chilly plus it suits any of my outfit! Not a cropped sweater, but still really cute:


Next are the essential things, I am known as the girl scout of our circle of friends because I am always prepared! I mean always! Ask me for band aids, alcohols, peroxides, medicines, food. I would always have this checklist for my toiletries (like shampoo, soap and etc), outdoor outfit (like towels, tops and bottoms), sleepwear, underwear, chargers, medicines, first aid kits, money, and flashlight. Of course we will be going in a different place, it is good to be super prepared! We will never know.

Of course last know where you are going, tell someone in your place the where about just in case something unexpected happens. And at last feel the moment and have fun!