How to Rock a White Jumpsuit

When I was in middle school I remember scavenging through clothes in  my basement for no particular reason. As I was pulling 80’s styled clothes from a large garbage bag, I came across a shoulder padded blazer, large printed pants, and a long-sleeve black jumpsuit. As I was making strange faces pulling out these outdated items I quickly shoved everything back into the bag. I always flashback to this memory when I see old styles come back to today’s fashion trends. A few I could name off the top of my head are overalls, distressed jeans, high-waisted pants and skirts, rompers, and jumpsuits. One of my favorite from that list are the high-waisted pants and jumpsuits. In particular I love white jumpsuits. Ever since I began traveling and visited Brazil, white jumpsuits remind me of a New Year’s party in Rio.

Wearing white is very difficult for me because I’m so quick to get stains. I try so hard, but always end up with a small chocolate streak across a pair of white jeans or white top. For all those who have the same natural unavoidable problem, the white jumpsuit should be your biggest fear. However, don’t fear. I have overcome this inevitable trait of always staining my white clothes. When you have a white top, there’s a point when  you forget that you’re wearing it. This happens very slowly throughout the day. When you first walk out the door your very vigilant and almost paranoid about getting your beautifully white fresh looking top. But, with the white jumpsuit you will not forget. When you’re pants and top are white you will constantly see the white around you ultimately being more paranoid than you’ve every been (wearing white) and will surely not get your brand new white jumpsuit stained.

Ok. Lets get to the next important part of this piece.  How do you rock a white jumpsuit?

#1 You don’t need an overpriced jumpsuit

There are certain pieces of clothing where you will see a different in clothing, and it is worth it to spend some more money on. For example, you generally spend more money on well-made shoes and jeans. With a white jumpsuit you don’t want a cheap fabric but you don’t need the most expensive jumpsuit on the catalog. Take a look at these two white jumpsuits and spot the differences:

From Misguided

white jumpsuit

From Revolve Clothing

white jumpsuit

So, lets compare these two white jumpsuits. Besides the obvious long-sleeve vs. short-sleeve and belt vs. no belt, what else really sticks out between the two? The jumpsuit from misguided is more of the traditional jumpsuit you would see in the 80’s and much cheaper than the one from Revolve. This is because the jumpsuit pants are flared and the long-sleeve not too low-cut of a neck-line is typical for the 80’s. Whereas the jumpsuit pants on the bottom are skinny, and the sleeves are completely cutoff. However, when I look at the neck line both jumpsuits are similar. As far as the quality and true difference in how these jumpsuits lay on the model’s there’s not much of a difference. They both look very well made and lay nicely on the body. I actually even like the way that the misguided material doesn’t scrunch up in the torso and the boot-cut bottoms elongate the legs. My point is, you don’t have to spend much money on a jumpsuit to look good. Here’s a list of white jumpsuits I loved: