My Cat Dress and Me

Not long ago I was a seven year old girl picking out her outfit for school picture day. I had wanted to wear a pink dress to feel like a princess, what girl wouldn’t?! Well my mother thought that might not be the best ensemble since it was about 20 degrees outside and snowing. So, instead I wore a Cat Dress with leggings.

I clearly had mad style. I recently stumbled upon this cute little picture of myself and it got me wondering, could I rock this look today and not be judged? I just love taking inspiration from nature. Cats are so cute.

So low and behold, I started searching online for new and improved remakes of my once favorite yet slightly embarrassing outfits. I was looking at all sorts of stores from Ragstock to Forever 21, thinking that weirdos and girls that think they’re fashion forward would want them. I started coming across a hole bunch, from maxi dresses to short spaghetti straps and it was marvelous. Click the link before for all the fun ones I found.

I immediately started looking for some leggings, and thought I should at least try to vamp us this 7 year old look with some edgy chic leggings. So, what did I do? I went for the leather/liquid leggings look. I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians the other day and saw that Kourtney was rocking a hot pair so I gave it a google. I wasn’t about the have the awkward crotch that comes with cheap-o’s, so here are the J Brand leather leggings I found.


Super cute so far right?

I certainly think so. Next up would be a head accessory. I wasn’t sure i wanted to go full throttle seven year old with the pig tails again, but I thought a super cute head band with my long beach waves would do the trick. I’m also personally a huge Gossip Girl fan, if you haven’t been able to tell by now, so naturally I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf for this one. I thought, “WWBD?”. And then it came to me just like that! I found this super cute chunky, hot pink one that would match my 7 year old picture which I knew my mom would find to me funny as well. I was happening to go to the mall the next day so for that I figured it’d be easiest to just hit up some basic accessory stores and take a peek at what they had. So, For Love here I come.


If you love this one as much as I did be sure to check out their website. I found this one here, but they had a ton more options to choose from as well.

And that my friends, is how I recreated my 7 year old self in a cat dress.