Shorts And Black Stockings

Through my twenty some years I’ve come to one important conclusion.  Do not worry about what others think.  As easy as this may sound it is hard to achieve or to try to convince yourself that you are truly not caring about others thoughts. Even if you still have that slight feeling that people are judging your outfit, embrace it! Follow your own style and blend your personality with your style. There will always be people who don’t like the way you dress or style your hair, but if you like it and embrace it that’s all that matters. Although I try to follow my own advice its difficult to be fully confident. I think it is something learned more than anything. An example of such a trend is wearing shorts and stockings or what some may refer to as shorts and tights.

This trend of short and black stocking slowly made its way over from the UK. When I was studying abroad in London my Junior Year of College, ALL the girls were wearing shorts and tights. OK, London is not the emerging world, but bear with me.

Then when I came back to the states it wasn’t something that was widely known. Some girls seemed to slowly pick up on the trend, but it never really picked up quite as much as I would have thought. I for one love the look. Although it may not be the smartest choice in the dead of winter when its under 20 degrees, in other circumstances it works.

The black sheer stockings and long black socks really lengthen the leg. Also, the tights are a great way to slim the leg. I love wearing sheer black tights with dresses or skirts as well in the fall or winter. If you don’t want to full tights you can buy some garter stockings. Sometimes the full on tights are SO uncomfortable. Although, the DKNY tights have a nice band, but don’t get me started on the horribly made tights. They fit fine all the way until you get to your waist where they squeeze you bringing out your fat on both sides of the band. Anyway, enough of my rant. In conclusion, with the garter black stockings you won’t find this problem, and you’ll feel a bit sexier in the process. Here’s a great pair I found!

black stockings

Another way to mix up those black stockings is to try a new style. I just recently discovered that so many varieties are available. Urban outfitters has some great affordable pairs, but just be warned that some don’t fit very well. One of my other favorite brand are Hue. Here’s some hue stockings I found on Bloomingdales.

black stockings

These definitely add some extra detail to your everyday sheer tights. This pair of black stockings would go great with a skater skirt or high waisted jean shorts. Here’s another great website to search for some plain black stockings and some stockings that are a little different: 

To conclude,  as much as some people despise this look there is no doubt that black stocking will slim out and elongate your legs. They also do provide some shield against the cold…even the sheer stockings.