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Winter Trend: Toggle Coat

When the cold season kicks in, I guess, our normal reaction is to try and see if we can brave the weather with just wearing our usual staples – starts out with the not-so-warm apparel first until you don’t realize that you have actually layered about five to six different pieces of clothing because you just cannot get out of the house due to the cold!

I guess this is why coats and sweaters were invented for this season and the recent crowd favorite? Toggle coats.

This winter fashion is not only for women but for men too. No one is spared from the frostiness of this weather. So before it officially kicks in, I have decided to start looking for this coat so that I can save and get myself a nice one. While searching, I also had a chance to read through’s website, to find out what are the most coveted toggle coats this season. I like the bright colors that they have featured. This is great especially since this weather really gloomy and sad. A happy color seen walking around the streets can perk up one’s mood.

I am in a lookout for a men’s toggle coat but to be worn by a woman – me. Like the boyfriend shirt, I love the comfort of the men’s size because it’s a bit oversized. Yes, I do a cross over from time to time so I kind of know what is the counterpart of my size in the men’s section. Resultly offers a few great toggle coats for men. I am eyeing the Forever21 toggle coat for men.

toggle coat

This will be slightly longer for me, which is what I want because it will cover majority of my butt (I know I am weird like that). Since it’s a darker side, I will not have a hard time pairing it up with whatever I have in my wardrobe but because it is cold, I am pretty sure I will pair this up with my combat boots.

toggle coat

Another toggle coat that caught my eye is this red Guess toggle coat. I might look like little red riding hood but definitely a better and sexier version. I like the pleat at the back, which gives a slight curve from the waist down giving an illusion of a short skirt. I think my little black dress will be perfect for this coat.

Looks like I found two coats that suit my needs – the men’s coat for days when I just want to be casual and boyish, the red toggle coat for those days when I want to be sexy and sultry.

I am sure, just like me, you girls also have your coats for days when you want to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Yes, all girls are like that. Lol!

Bustier Bikini Top: A New Trend?

Hello there! I have been nursing a bad cold so what does a girl do? Browse through newsletters being sent on my email and getting my daily dose of the Huffington Post and Daily Mail when I spotted Vanessa Hudgens in a bustier bikini top heading to a Coachella event. The article was actually gushing about her pink end tresses while my eyes are fixated on her top and her outfit. Check out her outfit here.

I love seeing Vanessa and her fashion vibe. She is into the bohemian look and carries it well, especially for this dress.

Since I am sick and chicken soup won’t do anything to me, I decided to check online and see what are the offers for the bustier top. I was not disappointed. I have found these seductive bustier tops here.

bustier bikini top

This Free People bustier bikini top is truly seductive. For a relaxed look, I think I can pair this off with denim overalls and sneakers. Perfect for those days when you just want to be out on the beach. Make sure to wear a bikini bottom so in case you had this sudden urge to take a dip, you can do so.

If that is too relaxed for you and want to wear this top on a classy night out, try this Peter Pilotto bustier top from Target.



It’s a black and white colored bustier top. You will look stunning if you pair it up with a high-waist A-line skirt or pants. Now, if you will be matching this with black or white pants or skirt then you can be a bit playful with your shoes. You do not have to stick to neutrals all the way. A pop of color won’t hurt. You can probably wear it with blue or pink pumps to brighten up the look but still maintaining the seductive flair.

You do not have to stick to the neutral colors with this bustier top. Check out this top from All About Eve.

bustier bikini top

It has daisies as its design with a green background. I think I have an olive green skirt that I am dying to wear but could not find a pair. This is perfect. Since that skirt has a high waist, I can wear this top to work. Pair it off with a blazer to have the corporate look or probably a cardigan if it’s just a regular day in the office, no client meetings.

I am not sure that I can wear this when I am presenting to my Client. Their eyes might wander, if you know what I mean (wink).

Looks like I am feeling a bit better now as I have been revived by fashion yet again. I am sure my mom won’t believe it but like what they say, an online purchase a day keeps the doctor away! LOL!

Gift Idea for Him: Leather Sleeve Jacket

A friend of mine has just made it official with this guy that she has been seeing for the past few months. They are now exclusively dating and she wanted to give him something that is not too mushy but not tacky as well.

Since I was nursing a cold and not really up to go to the mall and check what her prospects can be, we decided to just have a look from Cosmopolitan and Esquire for some inspiration.

I have not met the love of her life so I asked her if he’s fashion forward or just a regular guy. My friend said that she cannot put her finger to it yet but he likes wearing jackets. She continued and said that there was a time that they need to do a quick stop on his place and she saw about four jackets – a varsity jacket, a worn-out leather jacket, a denim one and a bomber jacket.

We decided to search for jackets online and stumbled upon this article from Esquire about the coolest leather jackets used in cinemas. Check it out here. ). Immediately, we forgot about our purpose, as our eyes got fixated at Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Okay, drool fest over, back to reality.

My friend said that from what she has observed, it seems his favorite piece is the leather one which is why it is already worn out. Since I have not seen this guy before, I told my friend to name a celebrity that would look like his physique.

I believe not all men can carry themselves wearing leather. Instead of looking like a gorgeous rider, some can just look wrong altogether.

She said that her guy looks a lot like Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend. We decided to have a search of what are the usual jackets Scott wore. In one of his dates with Kourtney, Scott was wearing a leather-sleeved jacket that he matched up with a pair of torn jeans.

We searched for leather sleeve jackets and saw this Kenneth Cole leather jacket. Though it seems to suit motorbike enthusiasts, the design is sleek and edgy too. The puffed leather sleeves seems to provide oomph on to the person wearing it .

leather sleeve jacket

My friend liked it as it shows her man’s masculinity.

We also found another set of great jackets here on Resultly. Check them out here: I like the Forever21 jacket. I think black though basic can easily be paired than a denim leather sleeve jacket but maybe he can pull this one up like Justin Beiber did.

My friend was so happy with the options that we have and even eyed a pair of jacket for her to purchase in case their relationship reaches a year and they can have a his and hers leather jacket.