Gift Idea for Him: Leather Sleeve Jacket

A friend of mine has just made it official with this guy that she has been seeing for the past few months. They are now exclusively dating and she wanted to give him something that is not too mushy but not tacky as well.

Since I was nursing a cold and not really up to go to the mall and check what her prospects can be, we decided to just have a look from Cosmopolitan and Esquire for some inspiration.

I have not met the love of her life so I asked her if he’s fashion forward or just a regular guy. My friend said that she cannot put her finger to it yet but he likes wearing jackets. She continued and said that there was a time that they need to do a quick stop on his place and she saw about four jackets – a varsity jacket, a worn-out leather jacket, a denim one and a bomber jacket.

We decided to search for jackets online and stumbled upon this article from Esquire about the coolest leather jackets used in cinemas. Check it out here. ). Immediately, we forgot about our purpose, as our eyes got fixated at Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Okay, drool fest over, back to reality.

My friend said that from what she has observed, it seems his favorite piece is the leather one which is why it is already worn out. Since I have not seen this guy before, I told my friend to name a celebrity that would look like his physique.

I believe not all men can carry themselves wearing leather. Instead of looking like a gorgeous rider, some can just look wrong altogether.

She said that her guy looks a lot like Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend. We decided to have a search of what are the usual jackets Scott wore. In one of his dates with Kourtney, Scott was wearing a leather-sleeved jacket that he matched up with a pair of torn jeans.

We searched for leather sleeve jackets and saw this Kenneth Cole leather jacket. Though it seems to suit motorbike enthusiasts, the design is sleek and edgy too. The puffed leather sleeves seems to provide oomph on to the person wearing it .

leather sleeve jacket

My friend liked it as it shows her man’s masculinity.

We also found another set of great jackets here on Resultly. Check them out here: I like the Forever21 jacket. I think black though basic can easily be paired than a denim leather sleeve jacket but maybe he can pull this one up like Justin Beiber did.

My friend was so happy with the options that we have and even eyed a pair of jacket for her to purchase in case their relationship reaches a year and they can have a his and hers leather jacket.