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Bustier Bikini Top: A New Trend?

Hello there! I have been nursing a bad cold so what does a girl do? Browse through newsletters being sent on my email and getting my daily dose of the Huffington Post and Daily Mail when I spotted Vanessa Hudgens in a bustier bikini top heading to a Coachella event. The article was actually gushing

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Cropped Sweater Walks Into a Beach Resort

My girlfriends and me decided to celebrate Holidays this season in a resort. As long as you’re willing to wander outside the actual resort, it’s a great place to find some emerging country style. You might think are we still in our decent minds? What came to our minds that we have decided to celebrate the coldest

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How to Rock a White Jumpsuit

When I was in middle school I remember scavenging through clothes in  my basement for no particular reason. As I was pulling 80’s styled clothes from a large garbage bag, I came across a shoulder padded blazer, large printed pants, and a long-sleeve black jumpsuit. As I was making strange faces pulling out these outdated

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